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NOISECULT is an American heavy rock band from Nashville, Tennessee. The group was formed in 2003 by guitarist and primary songwriter Don Carr, who enlisted bassist/vocalist Bo Heyward and drummer Kurt Pietro (Skinny Molly, [[Blackfoot (band)|Blackfoot]]). Along with Carr, Noisecult is currently composed of vocalist Mike Liffick, and bassist Sean Kay. The band has released all their albums via Nashville-based independent label Stik Man Records. Noisecult’s discography includes five studio albums, a two song heavy metal Christmas EP, four compilations, and one live dvd.

Noisecult is often categorized as a 1970’s hard rock or stoner metal band, and is heavily influenced by groups such as Black Sabbath, Motorhead and Orange Goblin. The band has performed with a wide range of fellow metal and punk artists, including Iron Maiden’s former vocalist Paul Di’Anno, Overkill, Corrosion of Conformity, Death Angel, Weedeater, FEAR, Skeletonwitch, Doro Pesch, Anthrax frontman Joey Belladonna, Coliseum, Icarus Witch, D.R.I., Zoroaster, Agent Orange, Warbringer, and doom metal stalwarts Trouble.

       Beginning in 2003, the band that became Noisecult rose from the ashes of several years of musical wreckage and determination. Pieced together by the original nucleus of Don Carr (guitar & vocals) and Bo Heyward (lead vocals), Noisecult is the product of a 10-year-old musical collaboration. Starting in 1993, Carr and Heyward began forming various bands throughout the years combining their love of 1970’s and underground metal, aggressive punk and the classic dark wall of sound pioneered by Black Sabbath.

Spring 2004, after a few year hiatus the two set out to finally bring together the band they had always strive to build. Drummer Kurt Pietro was brought in, planets aligned and there seemed no better time to form Noisecult. In late 2005, following the release of group’s first length CD, End of Days, the band played all the shows they could to get the material out there. Through 2005 to 2009 the Carr and Heyward led Noisecult, now joined by bassist Sean Kay along with drummers Matt McElroy and Ben Bomlitz, powered out a series of well-crafted self-produced albums. Noisecult prides themselves as an amalgam of metal, rock and punk. An original blend of styles that has the band reaching beyond the normal rock audience. This approach has created an open writing environment for all the band members to create Noisecult songs with a non-ridged no boundaries attitude.

After signing up with Stik Man Records in late 2007 Noisecult’s Volume 3: Vociferous expanded the group outside of the middle Tennessee area by radio airplay on WBUZ (FM)|102.9 The Buzz as well as numerous college and internet stations across the country. The sales, requests and positive live show feedback surrounding the release of Vociferous stands as a testament that Noisecult was heading in the right direction. "I think anyone who likes good old style stoner rock, metal, punk, whatever, with good grooves, great lyrics, intense riffing and a raw in your face vocals will be able to get into what we’ve done on these CDs" states Don Carr. With the success of Vociferous, the band played as many shows as they could and planned their next musical assault. Building upon the strength of their own songwriting and a solid foundation of a hard hitting live act that could share the stage with a variety of styles and bands, Noisecult took to the studio to rip out another slab of twisted punk metal.

2009’s My War My Enemy would see the band deliver yet another solid well received musical offering. Comprised of more straight ahead rock and punk songs, this album burns from start to finish with soon to be live favorites like "Blood Feast Tonight", "Dante’s Inferno", the Ramones-like "Spiders (Wanna Eat My Brain)" and the title track "My War My Enemy". With My War My Enemy becoming a staple on Nashville rock radio the Local Buzz for well over a year on WBUZ (FM)|102.9 The Buzz. "Playing our songs live and feeding off the energy you get from a crowd is what this is all about" says bassist Sean Kay, who adds "our goal is to take our music as far as we can push it and get it out there to as many people we can by playing live".

       2010 found Noisecult beginning the next chapter of their existence. Summer of 2010, Vocalist Bo Heyward decided to leave the group following a spinal surgery that left it painful to sing and perform live shows. Not an easy decision, but one that could not be avoided. Founding member Carr decided to reach out to middle Tennessee area vocalist Mike Liffick who was a member of the metal group Mindsplitter. Carr states "Mike was an obvious choice to me because he has a style not that far off from Bo, he has a similar frame of mind to Sean and I in writing and he had been a friend of the band’s for years as we would often do shows together".

To celebrate the new lineup the band hit the studio to cut a single. The new song "Marching Unto Death" was released and was soon the featured song for the band on 102.9 The Buzz. The song was well received and Noisecult was the Band of the Month for May 2011 on WBUZ (FM)|102.9 The Local Buzz artist webpage and radio show.

Late 2012 saw the release of the next powerhouse sonic assault in Noisecult’s musical arsenal. The album titled Psychedelic Death Trip featured 10 brand new songs. The band was really happy to get this cd under way with Liffick stating "This is our most consistent and well crafted effort yet, I can’t wait to get this batch of noise out for people to hear". The lineup of bassist Sean Kay, guitarist Don Carr, vocalist Mike Liffick along with long time engineer and studio drummer Matt McElroy and band friend and drummer Don Berger have hammered out Noisecult’s heaviest stoner rock grooves yet.

Songs such as "Sins of Yesterday", "Psychedelic Death Trip", "Burn the Night" and the monstrously heavy "El Diablo’s Trestiza" are sure to sit well among the groups best sludge filled material. "Rock n’ Roll Road Kill" is a fiery riff laden track warning of the perils of the rock and roll lifestyle & excess which then musically bleeds into a haunting transition to side two of the trip… "Marching Unto Death" and "The One True God" complete with its Deep Purple influenced Hammond Organ open, bring a melodic 1980’s British metal vibe to album. And not ones to forget their love of punk, the disc rounds out with a couple of quick kicks to the ear in the likes of "Lost in My Head" and "Your Misery". Complete with artwork that ties into the psychedelic theme of the record and harkens back to the days when album covers were an instrumental part of the record experience Psychedelic Death Trip delivers on all accounts.

       Noisecult was asked to help out on a Christmas benefit project. With one song to be featured on the limited edition compilation album Rock The Manger. Instead of recording a old holiday standard the band thought that most are kind of tired and played out… so why not write their own. A new challenge and one not many rock and punk bands readily take on. Digging into their studio of noise at the north pole the band produced two full throttle tracks of blistering Christmas cheer. Instantly catchy and powerful enough to fuel a two ton 8 cylinder sleigh. Released in November 2013, these two songs: "All Around The World (In Just One Night)" and "Santa’s Lament" are destined to become head banging fist pumping yule tide classics.

       With their new album Burial Hymns, Noisecult set out on another journey on a heavy rock landscape. 7 new recordings and 6 re-recordings and interpretations of some Noisecult classics that did not originally feature Bassist Sean kay and vocalist Mike Liffick. These new versions are what the songs have transformed into over years of playing them live… often with new lyrics, guitar solos and thunderous & creative bass lines.

Burial Hymns is available to purchase along with all other Noisecult releases, through, as well as the band’s and pages. Search Noisecult on iTunes and mp3s and you will be able to grab the songs as individual downloads. Burial Hymns and the entire Noisecult catalog are available to stream at all digital music outlets.

       While often labelled as a heavy metal band, Noisecult more identifies themselves to 1970 early 80’s pioneering rock artists such as Black Sabbath, Motorhead, FEAR, Iron Maiden, Black Flag and AC/DC. The combination of that era’s musical rawness, early punk speed and Sabbath’s heavy wall of sound is the noise that the band member’s draw their most inspiration. The early 1990’s movement of stoner rock artists such as Monster Magnet, Clutch, Corrosion of Conformity, Melvins, and Fu Manchu helped reignite the retro metal and rock vibe of the 1970’s and is the main catalyst for Carr to originally team with Heyward in 1993.

* Don Carr - Guitar, Vocals (2003 - present)
* Sean Kay - Bass (2008 - present)
* Mike Liffick - Vocals (2010 - present)
* Will Logan - Drums (2010, 2013 - present)

* Matt McElroy - Drums (2004 - present)

* Bo Heyward - Vocals, Bass (2003 - 2010)
* Ben Bomlitz - Drums (2007 - 2009)
* Don W Berger - Drums (2011 - 2012)
* Kurt Pietro - Drums (2003 - 2004)

End of Days (2005)
One From None (2006)
Volume 3: Vociferous (2007)
My War My Enemy (2009)
Psychedelic Death Trip (2012)
All Around the World (In Just One Night) (2014)
Burial Hymns (2016)

"Noisecult is down n’ dirty bluesy metal from the heartland of the south, Tennessee. Catchy riffs, pounding bass, grooving drums, and vocals that channel the greatness of the man Lemmy himself! Fans of Orange Goblin, Down, and Nashville Pussy will love this band. I highly recommend!" -Zach Moonshine,

"Noisecult provide a hard, edgy sound that is chock full of of mammoth riffs, a locked-in, solid rhythm section, and vocals that make you want to load up on your substance of choice and detonate the entire neighborhood. In other words, they fucking rawk!" -Chris Czynszak, Decibel Geek Podcast

"I found out about Noisecult back in 2008, they have always impressed me with their song writing and musicianship - these guys are the real deal!" -Tex Dehart, KXZR FM

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