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Burial Hymns

$9.50 (S+H INCLUDED!)

Burial Hymns: The new crushing release from Noisecult. A 13 song set of groove filled power trips to the brain.

Songs like "Slipping Away (Into The Black)" featuring a Sabbath laden bass solo from Sean Kay, "Black Tide Rise", "Violent End" and the chaotically heavy "Extermination Blues" fuel Burial Hymns to new dimensions for Noisecult. The powerful "Rollin’ with My Fu Manchu" is a fiery riff heavy punk induced track echoing the pure rock n’ roll essence of the one and only Lemmy of Motorhead.

In celebration of Noisecult’s ten years of recording the guys have picked 6 early Noisecult songs to re-imagine and reconstruct. Live Noisecult classics such as "End of Days", "Just Another Blackout", "Never Meant To Die", and "(At The) Gates Of Eternity" are brought forth with a new fire & energy and new arrangements that the songs over time have evolved into.

Rounding out Burial Hymns is a live in studio recording of the Beastie Boys anthem "Gratitude". A rare cover in the Noisecult arsenal. Guitarist Don Carr concludes "Sean’s bass sounded so massive and cool when he was jamming that riff that we all jumped in to join him. Outside of the B3 which we added later the track was improvised and recorded live. We all liked it so much we figured we would add it at the end as a bonus cut".

1: Slipping Away (Into the Black) listen  
2: Extermination Blues    
3: Rollin’ With My Fu Manchu listen  
4: Black Tide Rise    
5: Bunusach    
6: (At the) Gates of Eternity listen  
7: Just Another Blackout listen  
8: Swarm of the Electric Death    
9: Never Meant to Die    
10: SHeviL    
11: Violent End    
12: End of Days listen  
13: Gratitude    

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