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One From None

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A sonic assault that draws heavily from 1970’s and early 80’s hard rock and punk.

"Noisecult had some definite nods to stoner and doom metal on their debut, but with One From None they go for a much darker album. However, that doesn’t mean that some of the AC/DC style metal is gone, just listen to 'Blood Feast Tonight' or 'Scars' and tell me that you don’t hear at least a bit of AC/DC. Also there is the thrashy 'SHEvil', which has more in common with crossover song, than any doom song. So, in simplest terms, they haven’t abandoned what can be found on their debut, but there is just much more of doom influence in certain spots.

Highlights can be found in 'Blood Feast Tonight', 'Scars', 'American Wasteland', '200 Year Old Giant' and 'The Serpent Rises'. Those stood out to me as the catchiest songs on the album, and the ones which had the same passionate energy that could be found on the debut. However, the rest of the album doesn’t disappoint, and provides a mildly strong listening experience than the debut.

Overall, Noisecult’s One From None shows a bit of a different side from this band, however, it is pulled off successfully and makes for a rock solid album that is as good their debut. If you enjoyed their debut, then you love this album. Fans of The Obsessed, AC/DC, Motorhead and maybe Kyuss will dig this more than anyone else." - erickg13 (Encyclopaedia Metallum)

1: Awaken    
2: The Serpent Rises    
3: 200 Year Old Giant listen  
4: Blood Feast Tonight (Metal Mix)    
5: SHEvil listen  
6: Digital Gods    
7: No Sanctuary    
8: Incinerate    
9: Whole    
10: No Slave Am I    
11: American Wasteland listen  

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