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End Of Days

$9.50 (S+H INCLUDED!)

The first release from Nashville’s Noisecult. A raw noise barrage of heavy riffs and pounding rhythms set to a vocal blend of Hetfield, Rollins, and Gene Simmons.

"Remember back in high school those guys who always wore their favorite AC/DC, Pantera or Black Sabbath shirt with absolute passion for those bands? Well, imagine those guys formed a band, grew up a little, and made an album. The album would be NoiseCult’s End of Days.

NoiseCult’s debut shows a band with their own unique style of AC/DC influenced heavy metal with nods to both thrash and stoner metal. This is an easy album to like because it doesn’t try to be super harsh, or more stoned out than the last stoner band, or anything like that, It’s just 3 guys playing some gritty metal. You can tell that they had fun making this, despite some of possible hassles of making an independent album, and that really translates to the listener. There is a passion that can be heard here, that just isn’t present in other albums.

So now that you know what to expect, you may want to know what bright spots can be found on End of Days. Well, the opener, 'Ignite' would be a good place to start, then just put the cd player on play and let it go until the last note of 'Evilution'. The first half of this album is particularly good, as it contains the title track, 'Never Meant to Be', and 'Shadows of Doom', all of which are absolute gems.

Overall, NoiseCult’s End of Days will appeal to anyone who enjoys metal in the vein of AC/DC, Motorhead, and maybe Kyuss." -EricKG13 (Encyclopaedia Metallum)

1: Ignite listen  
2: End Of Days    
3: Never Meant To Die    
4: Shadows of Doom    
5: Noise Fix    
6: From The Void    
7: Broken Pieces listen  
8: Shattered Illusions    
9: Evilution (Of Man) listen  

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