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Volume: III - Vociferous

$9.50 (S+H INCLUDED!)

High octane stoner fueled rock. Loud guitars, pounding drums and an in-your-face vocal attack brings you a variety of metal, rock and punk in an all out sonic assault.

"They’re fast, loud, unapologetic, tumultuous and in your face. In a word, Noisecult are 'Vociferous'. The band’s 2007 release, Volume: III – Vociferous, their first on Stik Man Records is an 11 song 'Long Island Iced Tea' of sorts, in as much as that while you know the individual ingredients which go into the mixture, once it is shaken together it becomes something distinctly different that will invariably leave you on the floor and quite happy to be there! Likewise, a shot of Iommi, a splash of Lemmy, three fingers of Henry, equal but lesser parts of bitterness and heavy metal clichés poured over ice will no doubt usher you straight 'Into The Never'! This opener grabs you by the throat and shakes your head around like a four year old with tourettes who’s pissed all he has to play with is a ragdoll – WATCH YOUR HEAD EXPLODE!!

'Swarm of the Electric Death' features a classic Don Carr solo that shocks you at the minute and a half mark, which is just in time since the rhythms and riffs will have your heart palpitating when you get there! The bass intro to 'Pretty When You Bleed' has that old school brightness which makes those round-wounds sound like they could strangle you. And if they were to saw through your jugular in the process you might just yield that, 'crimson love' front man Bo Heyward finds so attractive. The longest track of the record, '(At The) Gates of Eternity' comes in at an hour-glass shattering 04:14 and seems to have been written shortly after listening to 'Sabbath Bloody Sabbath' and maybe some Fireball Ministry... 'Wasting My Time' is accentuated by open sections of driving bass and athletic drumming with a tasteful sprinkling of shred garnished on top. There is a hint of west-coast hardcore, in the back-bone of 'Blood Worm' (that’s right an invertebrate with a backbone... another unexpected contradiction that somehow makes sense in the context of a Noisecult record). Rocking the clock at 02:39 is 'Just Another Blackout', the shortest track on the record and features an understated wha-solo... Blink and you may as well have blacked out, ’cause you’ll miss it! If Toni Iommi were to leave Black Sabbath (yeah, right) and for some reason were to be replaced by Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top, I think the first song they would write would have to sound a lot like, 'Scars'. This little gem has a hook that will stay with you; yeah, kinda like a scar... The 9th track on the record stands as a testament that guitar driven rock is alive and well... Hovering overhead; 'The Shadow of Doom'. Imagine, if you will, Slayer gone punk; 'Disciples of War' rolls over you like a full on panzer battalion at ramming speed – no prisoners here! Finally 'Blood Feast' rips through your speakers and just begs to be shouted along with live. This one is definitely a crowd favorite!

If you would rather kick Cookie Monster in his stoopid blue face than try out your karate moves while some Cookie Monster wanna-be barks into an SM-57, then you just might like you some Noisecult! Volume III – Vociferous definitely gets the NMB 'Metal Nod'!" - Ray LeGrand (Nashville Metal Bands)

1: Into the Never    
2: Swarm of the Electric Death    
3: Pretty When You Bleed    
4: (At The) Gates of Eternity listen  
5: Wasting My Time listen  
6: Blood Worm    
7: Just Another Blackout    
8: Scars    
9: The Shadows of Doom    
10: Disciples of War listen  
11: Blood Feast Tonight (Live)    

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