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My War My Enemy

$9.50 (S+H INCLUDED!)

A punk-induced slab of power chord driven hard rock tapping the vein of greats like Motorhead, The Ramones, and Iggy Pop.

"It amazes me that we not only have a band here in Nashville that sounds like this, but they are actually from here. This is not a band that is easily categorized. You can however hear their influences shine through, but with influences from Black Sabbath, Motorhead and AC/DC to Corrosion of Conformity to Black Flag and Fear, it’s quite impossible to label them as just another metal band. Formed in 2004, Noisecult has just released their 4th cd, My War My Enemy, not only staying true to their musical roots, but also having the workman like determination the bands from the 70’s and early 80’s had by releasing new music virtually every year.

This latest release, released on Stik Man Records, wastes no time busting you in the mouth with the opening tracks 'Coming Alive' and the title track, 'My War My Enemy' (which has some of the best lyrics I’ve ever heard). Next, 'Pure American Hellbound Rock N’ Roll' pays homage to some past American musical geniuses like Elvis, Johnny Cash, Hendrix, and Dimebag Darrell, just to name a few. The two songs that follow, with their clever and catchy lyrics, are my personal favorites, 'Spiders (Wanna Eat My Brain)' and 'Dante’s Inferno'. But, make no mistake, there are no 'fillers' here. Every song is tremendously written and has 'intelligent' lyrics. The straight ahead rocker 'Kill Kill Kill' is a perfect example.

The seventh song on the cd, 'Blood Feast Tonight' is regularly in their live set and can be heard by the fans as they sing along to this punk ‘n’ roll anthem. 'Corrosive', best described as a reverse love song is next, followed by 'Noise Fix', a song that clearly states music is this bands drug of choice. The last two songs, 'Scars' and 'American Wasteland' are live recordings. This showcases their skills because they sound better live than most bands sound in the studio. That’s a testimony to these guys mastering their trade. This band doesn’t stop at producing extraordinary music. The creativity continues with the coolest album cover around masterminded by Carr and brought to life by Steve Gumm." -Chad Reed (Loaded Toast Blog)

1: Coming Alive    
2: My War My Enemy listen  
3: (Pure American) Hellbound Rock N’ Roll    
4: Spiders (Wanna Eat My Brain) listen  
5: Dante’s Inferno    
6: Kill Kill Kill    
7: Blood Feast Tonight    
8: Corrosive listen  
9: Noise Fix    
10: Scars (Live)    
11: American Wasteland (Live)    

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